Monday, December 1, 2014

The Wedding Planner

Well this week, went by really fast for starters.  I bought a Peruvian chess set on Monday....I couldn`t resist.  And we also got our Thanksgiving dinner from a senior missionary couple from the states.  It was heavenly, I almost cried.  We have chicken(because there isn`t any turkey yet), stuffing , mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and a lot of dessert.  It was wonderful. Then we got a water heater, so we have hot water and don`t have the death shower head anymore, so that`s a plus.  And I ate cow intestines with our was less than pleasant.  But the highlight of the week:  Yesterday morning we only had 4 new investigators and the goal each week is at least 8, so we were a little bit worried, but after church we hit the pavement contacting and looking for people and when we finished the day, we had 12 new investigators.  We had found 8 in one day.  It is always interesting to see what you can accomplish when you are that determined, we just need to work that way every day.  

Oh and the title, one of our investigators that is conviviente is getting married this weekend, so we have been working frantically trying to get everything set up for their wedding so the girl can get baptized (the husband is a member).  So I`ll be able to plan weddings when I get back.

updates from last week about the shower head:  

We did get that shower head changed because we got our water heater installed, so now it is normal.

She had mentioned that there were senior couples in the Zone she's in now:  
The Dicksons are from Utah, but we are in the area with the Oxborrows from Nevada. (so this was their Thanksgiving dinner benefactors)  We didn`t have guinea pig, I really want to have it, but so far nothing.

She also reported that she is adjusting to the altitude and can breath a little easier now.  
She did send pictures this week.  
 Thanksgiving Dinner
Oh I LOVE Peru!!
 I don't think this is one of the investigators, but maybe?!
 Beautiful sky and view of Huaraz.
The Peruvian Chess Set, she couldn't resist!! 

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