Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Week of October

   So this week was another eventful one.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was a bit ill and walking around all day with a sick stomach in not pleasant, so we were moving pretty slow for a couple days.  Also, Wednesday was Hna Iman´s birthday.  And I was sick so we didn´t eat cake until Thursday.

  In other news, I learned to tell the difference between real and conterfeit peruvian money...moving up in the world. 

  Saturday was a run-day.  Then Sunday we had a special conference especially for Peru and Bolivia, I guess you could say we´re a big deal.  Then working.  Today I bought my Halloween costume (pics next week) and I found out that here in Peru it's very uncommon to celebrate Halloween and they always thought we were devil worshippers for celebrating it...awkward. 

  But those were some highlights of the week.  this wweek we have a baptism on Halloween  YESS!!!  

  Everyone have a great week!  Love you all!


My new hair


You know it´s been a rough day when you feel like this and it´s only 7 o´clock and you still have to work for 2 more hours :/


And gotta love grafitti

She said these murals were at a park near her area.   

Monday, October 19, 2015

Ground Control to Major Tom

So this week was an eventful week.

  First off, we had a training with Elder Godoy of the Seventy.  It was awesome!  He speaks Portugese, English and Spanish.  And we obviously learned a whole bunch.  But I got to see a lot of mission friends and say goodbye to some that went home this week....we also got to eat subway, which is a big deal here lol.

  Got a trunky call about my flight I still got a while, just let me be, but no, they called three times this week...unbelievable.  On the bright side, I told them to just send me home on the same flight as Elder!

  Then, all our investigators got to church late yesterday, that was a bummer, but at least they came!

  Funny moment:  Talking to a guy that doesn´t want to listen so we were just going to leave and I said, "It was nice to meet you" and he just shakes his head ´no´......alllrriighty then.

  Now for the most important part of the week, I dyed and cut my hair this morning, and by "me" I mean my companion did it.  It was a little nerve wracking because I have NEVER dyed my hair from a box before nor cut my hair at home....nice trust-building exercise...good bonding moment.  But it turned out well so I´m pleased.


Well everyone have a great week!  Love you all!

(Unfortunately I don´t have a pic of the finished week)

The last pic is NOT after the salon efforts, we'll have to wait for next time. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Pre-Written While I Ate Breakfast

First notice, our internet time got cut 1 hour, so I will probably be writing less personal emails from now on.

  Now for my week:  On Wednesday we did almost 0 work.  In the morning we had a training with President Archibald-awesome as always.  In the afternoon, another training about helping converts do Familiy History so they can go to the temple sooner and the best part is that we will get to go to the temple with them!!!!  Then that night we had interviews with Pres.  So all in all we were working in our area for about an hour and a half.

  Thursday-Sunday was like a long holiday weekend here, so the people were a little too busy drinking to listen to us.  We started the season of "Señor de Los Milagros" so say hello to parades of people carrying saints through the streets for the next couple of weeks....awful. 

  Highlight:  Ate semi-American mashed potatoes which were heavenly.  Because here the "mashed potatoes"  are a lot thinner and made from yellow potatoes and.....they're just doing it wrong, so this was a nice treat.

  And had a great Sunday to top off the week.  Have several people that are working towards baptism and it´s getting warmer here.

  I love Perú and I love what I´m doing!  

  Love you all, have a great week   (no pics this week :( )

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

So this week was....another week in the mission. 

  To explain the title:  This week on the way home from the mission offices, we took a wrong bus.  We realized that it went a different way than normal, but I still recognized where we were and the conductor was calling out a place we recognized, so we thought it would be ok.  We started going further and further from where we thought we should be going to get home and ended up way far from home without any idea of how to get back.  We were on a busy highway at 7 o´clock.  We started walking, trying to locate where we were, but didn´t recognize any of the cross highways.  Ask, but no one knows how to get were we need to go.  It was a good time, exciting adventure.  At the end we just took a taxi and got home safely.  

  Next story.  Saturday morning, we wake up and there´s no water, so we realize that we won´t be able to shower, but we stay calm and don´t think too much of it, untill the next morning when there isn´t water again, and by now we´ve gone one day without showering and I´ve gone 3 days without washing my we thought it might be a little important to shower.  So we decided to say a specific prayer so we could shower.  We kneel down and say a prayer asking for enough water to come for us to be able to shower.  Hna. Imán goes to shower but there isn´t water, so I tell her that she can´t stand in the shower with her PJs on waiting for the water to come, that she had to take a step of faith.  So a few minutes later, I hear the water come and she says there isn´t much but it is enough.  And we showered from a small stream of water from the sink, filling up a measuring cup. But it was enough.  and the cup filled up so fast and it seemed the water went a long way.  I know it was something so small, but it was a miracle for us.

  Then the conference was obviously amazing, the best conference for me.  Because this time I actually had something I needed.  Usually I can never think of anything to ponder or ask in my heart, but this time I did and it got answered.....multiple times.  It was amazing.  I encourage all to watch it if they haven´t already.

   Well that´s all for this week!  Everyone have a fantastic week!  and a special shoutout to my favorite sister that turns 23 this week!  LOVE YOU!  Enjoy Taylor Swift´s "22" while you can.


Also, played soccer (futbol) for the first time today....I´m tired, but the important thing is WE WON!  with all humility....obviously.

I have to add this sweet picture...
I mentioned today that I was thinking I would be getting a note from church travel about her travel plans when she comes home and she responded:  "ahhh, mom why did you have to say that, I don't want to think about any paperwork about that yet."  I love that she is loving her mission and is not wanting to think about that time that she will come home.