Monday, September 28, 2015

Wake Me Up, When September Ends

I can´t believe how fast time flies.  September is already drawing to a close when it feels as though it just began.  
  This week was a good week.  We found several people that have attended church and will be able to progress and get baptized in October.  There aren´t really that many incredible stories.  But we did have an almost-miracle-dog experience. 
    So we are sitting down looking at the ward directory and a dog comes trotting up to us.  Usually they just want to be petted, so I let it sniff my hand, but instead of nudging, it grabs ahold of my whole arm like a stick and starts dragging me toward the playground.  Then goes back for my companion and grabs her by the hand and starts pulling her too.  So we obviously start thinking, "this dog is being guided by the spirit and is going to lead us to a family that is totally prepared to hear the gospel" so we get to the playground and we are looking around for a family or somebody, and the dog comes back up with a rock in her mouth and looks at us expectantly, it´s then we realize that she really just wants to play and we weren't going to be able to tell a cool miracle-dog story, it was a bummer. 
  But that´s about it, it was a good week.  Love you all!

"That´s what happens when your milk comes in bags and not cartons #thanksalotperu

Cool jersey we got from cleaning the beach, showing what good citizens we are, but more importantly-coca-cola.  The most important thing in Peru 

Those times when sheets of stickers are like 30 cents each and your inner child convinces you that you really need like ten of them for no apparent reason.  #jonasbrothers4life

In my personal note, she said she met Elder Bean (serving in Lima Central) that is from Burley ID.  "It was like coming home for a few minutes."  Funny that the church building they are each assigned to, is the same building, although they are serving in different missions.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Do you remember, the 21st night of September?

FYI, that title was my idea first, Sister Norman just cheated because she´s like 20 hours ahead of me.  ;)  And the title was a three way battle between that song, "Hey, I got my new shoes on, and everything´s gonna be right" and "Let´s go to the beach, beach, let´s go get away"  Explanation to follow.

    So this week....I got new shoes and a new bag, it´s crazy to think that they are the same´ll see why.  

  I had a day of eating more sugar and sweets than I have in a very long time.  I was on a diabetic coma watch for a few days after, but so far so good.

  We had to speak in sacrament meeting, with a whopping 1 hour or so of preparation, #missionprobs.  

  And the biggest highlight.....we went to the beach.  Although, it wasn´t that exciting because it was to clean.  But I will try to explain a little so you understand what it means to "clean the beach" 

   1. This beach is not a sand beach, it is rock and trash

   2. There is factory run-off, so it smells awful and the water is highly contaminated.

   3. It is basically a dump.  There is so much trash that you would have to clean it all day everyday for a month or more to get rid of all the trash, and I´m not exagerrating.   There is trash of all shapes and sizes, from plastic cups to dead dogs and more.  Diapers, tires, partially eaten food, tubing, containers, bags, shoes, etc.  And we had to clean all of that with plastic, disposable gloves.  It was quite the experience.  I got home and showered and sent EVERYTHING to wash.  But it was a good time. 

   Other than that, a typical week, working and finding.  All is well!  Love you all!  Have a great week!

Love those airheads!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Barrio Jumping

Saying goodbye to two families

Why am I the one, always packin up my stuff"

Barrio jumping, it´s like base jumping, but not at all.  So my transfers turns out was to a different ward/area in the same zone.  So I´m now in El Olivar, El Olivar with Hna. Im├ín from Peru.  Not much has happened this first week, just getting to know each other and the area, well for me.  She was already here.  But I was glad that I didn´t have to completely say goodbye to everyone.  And Sunday was stake conference, so I even got to see some of them already.  Not too much to tell.  Next week I´ll try and write a better email.  I know I´ve been slacking for a few weeks.  Well at least this week there are photos!  Have a great week! 

Leaving my worn out missionary bag behind. 

And our broken mirror that I fished out of the trash because we didn´t have one.

Cold spaghetti for breakfast in our cold apartment.  Still winter in peru. 
 A little from my personal email from Jenna: 
I was a little surprised in transfers because I just changed areas, but President said something in transfers about it.  And said that they are starting a new thing of working with Family History and temples so the converts and less actives will go to the temple a lot sooner and we will be working with that and will have many more opportunitiees to go to the temple, which was music to my ears because I miss the temple so so much.

Monday, September 7, 2015

She`s said goodbye, too many times before.

I`m getting transferred again.   Here`s some pics of saying goodbye to our zone leader that finished his misison.