Monday, November 30, 2015

It`s the Final Countdown

So I`m staying in my area to die, but my companion is getting transferred :(  We had a good last week together.  We taught lesson 1 with Star Wars playing in the background it was one of the greatest moments of my misison.  :´)   We have an investigator that is supposed to get baptized next week but is very stubborn and wants "something more concrete"   Had a fairly normal Thanksgiving.  I cut my companion`s hair, that was a good learning experience-even though I didn`t do anything, she was telling me what to do every step.  I learned how to salsa a little bit this week, that was a highlight. And made maple syrup from scratch...I`m pretty crafty.  And to top off the week, accepted a ride from strangers....who needs safety rules anyway?  So that`s a wrap of my week.  A lot of homemaking preps. XD  Well everyone have a great week!
 My favorite Colombian duo
And our thanksgiving usual, no one touches the green salad XD


Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here´s a video to celebrate thanksgiving and start the Christmas season!  Love you all!

What Shall We Give? Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Jenna didn't have much to say today.  She and her companion are singing in church on Sunday.  I wish I could be there to hear that.  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Slow Ride

  So this week was a slow week.  On Tuesday we went to a baptism interview and sat and waited in the sun for two hours, I got a nice sunburn.  Then that afternoon, Hna. Iman got sick- we were in the street and she tells me she needs to throw up so I start panicking trying to think of the nearest place we could go- and so we go to the bishop´s house....good bonding experience.  My companion puking in the bathroom while the bishop´s wife is telling her son to go and get things XD good times.
  We also got to see a newborn that was 2 days old-dorbs-still never having children.
  And our recent convert asked us if there was a secret Mormon code to be able to identify one another....soon to come.
  Then several other funny things that happened that I don´t feel like writing.  Love you all!

Because when your comp is sick in bed you have nothing better to do than make a strawberry-kiwi salad :)  que rico!

Homemade patacones

Monday, November 9, 2015

I Have A Dream

So this week was a fairly dull one.  I had my first just kidding, I just had a dream about a house, so we are now determined to find it and we are convinced there is a family of 10 there ready to receive the gospel.  I´ll let you know how the search goes.  We also taught a family of Jehovah´s was a good time.  But really they were very respectful and nice, but needless to say, they won´t be getting baptized.  And besides that, just typical misisonary life.  Love you all, have a great week!

Monday, November 2, 2015

This is Halloween

Let´s start at the very beginning. 

  Actually this week wasn´t overly special.

  We visited a few different areas in our zone to work with recent converts on Family History.  got to see the Garcia Family!  Also found out there is a taco stand in our area, update soon to come.  A few days of traveling, getting lost again, and searching.  

  Then....HALLOWEEN!  Dressed up, actually like three different costumes, everyone has to guess what they are and I´ll bring them a llama from Peru.  We had a baptism in the afternoon, Juan Robles. And we went to the church and a member said that something was broken so the font wouldn´t drain all the way.  So we had to take a little swim to empty the font with buckets so we could fill it up again, but got it done and had a baptism!  Which was hilarious, because the first time, he didn´t go under all the way, so the elders say that he needs to do it again, so without warning or saying the prayer again, the member that is baptizing him just plunges him into the water XD, I about died, but we finally got it done right.  

  Then, due to halloween, we took our candy buckeys out to give away candy and WOW, was it effective, we couldn´t even leave one area because we were talking to so many people.  Halloween=my favorite day of the year.  Then we went to take clothes to my old area and got to see a family
that we had found that was getting baptized :´) so sweet.

  And the end the week, I ate too much at lunch yesterday and was incredibly close to throwing up in the middle of the street....good times.  Well that´s it.  Everyone have a great week!

My three Halloween costumes - guess what I am? 

Hermana Iman and Myself, at the church getting ready for the baptism.

 Had to empty the water from the last baptism so we could get ready for ours.
Wonderful day!!

Getting that trick or treating done!