Monday, December 29, 2014

Que TrunkASO!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  No snow here unfortunately :/  But we did go to a lagoon on Tuesday for P-day where you could at least see´s a hollow victory, but it works for me.  Then we sang christmas carols in the plaza in Huaraz.

  Then Christmas.  I obviously skyped with my fam, but I had to use my district leader´s skype (he´s from Guatemala), so I sent my mom a message, but he thought that another message would be better so he wrote, "This is Jenna and this is the account of my beaner friend"  So now my family thinks I´m racist.

  But he and three other elders went home this transfer so with that and Christmas, I think our whole zone was trunkASO, which is like trunky, but Spanish and better.  We had a meeting to say goodbye to all of them, it was a sad ordeal.

   Then Yesterday we were with an investigador and it started absolutely POURING.  And she lives in a little hut with dirt floors and what not so her house started flooding, so we were scrambling aroud trying to save her house.  Then we went back home so Hna. Flores could change because she got soaked, and we got a call that she is getting transferred, so now comes the wait of who will be my next companion.


Well that´s been my week.  Everyone have a great week and Happy New Years!  

Lots of pictures this week. 

All Ready for her package from home. 
This district looks like it is having fun.

Trip to the Lagoon for Pday.  Looks so gorgeous, but not as warm as you would think. 

Birthday tradition.  Face shoved into the cake. 

The zone leaders - Elder Morales saying good bye - his mission is complete. 

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