Saturday, July 26, 2014

First P Day

Well, starting from the beginning, when I got to the Salt Lake Airport, I knew I was in the right place when I saw a group of strapping young men dressed in suits.  They were all going to Peru, Lima South.  So the planes the rest of the way there were filled with missionaries.  But the food here is pretty decent.  There´s fruit here at every meal which rocks.  The mangos though.  They are to die for.  Soooo good.  
   My companion is Hermana Russell, she´s from San Diego, California.  She is going to Salt Lake City South.  But the other two hermanas in my room are going to Lima West too.  
   Hermana Russell and I got called to be Sister Trainers on our second day here.  Mostly because we are in a brand new district so there weren't any veterans to hold that position.  It rains here all the time.  If it goes one day without raining, you begin to worry.  There are beautiful, colorful houses on a hill right by us.  It is a spectacular view.  
   We taught a fake investigator and committed him to baptism.  It was a pretty great moment for us. We were on a spiritual high.  I can´t imagine how amazing it will feel with real investigators.  
   Those were the most important things that happened this week

Jenna also says she did service this week...learned how to fold a fitted sheet!  

This is her district.

Hermanas Russell and Ahern

She loves it, even though it rains every day.

Loves the colorful houses on the hill.


Roommates at MTC

Welcome to Mexico

I made it here alive.  I had to get a tetanus shot :/  Love you guys
Your Missionary's mailing address is:
Sister Ahern
27-08/2014 18A
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

This was the email we received the 16th of July.    I don't really know how long Jenna will be in Mexico.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Farewell

Well today was my farewell.  My title was 'Choosing to be Happy in Tribulation Through Coming Unto Christ.'  It was great to see all of the people who love and support me.  This whole journey has been a roller coaster.  A couple weeks ago I was at a friend of mine's farewell and I asked him how he was feeling.  He said he was numb at that point.  I said I had been through all the emotions, fear, excitement, sadness, etc.  He said yeah and that's just one day.  Going on a mission is an enormous commitment and decision.  Not one to be taken lightly.  And once you decide, you have to know that that is what is right, because Satan puts all sorts of obstacles in your way to try and change your mind.  I've seen that with many of my friends who have gone before me, and I've seen it in my life as well.  I still am very nervous about it all, but I know I have to put my trust in Heavenly Father.  His plan for me is bigger than anything I could plan for myself.  I know if I'm in His care, I will be taken care of.  I leave Wednesday of this week.  I fly out of Twin at 6:30 AM and go to Mexico to the MTC.

 I'm so thankful for these people and the support they've been to me over the years.