Monday, December 15, 2014

No Title Today

Well this week....really not much happens any given week, well nothing different.  We teach and walk and stuff.  Just be assured that we do have investigators and things like that, I´m just not big on sharing.  
   We did do some service this week of peeling potatoes.....just like home, except they didn´t wash the potatoes before peeling so my hands were super dirty afterwards, but I love it.  And apparently it´s weird to eat raw potatoes.....who knew. Thanks a lot grandma, now I´m weird.  Just kidding, I always knew that.
   Then we had a talent show in the ward and I tried to play the piano for one of the hermanas, but I didn´t have music so I was just trying to play Memory from Cats from memory.....haha, but it was awful and she didn´t know the words very well, but in moments like this, I´m grateful that noone knows English, so they didn´t know the difference.
   Last, but not least, we found zion in our area.  It´s an "invasion" which basically just means absolutely tiny huts with dirt floors.  But the people are happy and we found 7 new investigators in 2 hours there.  Two of them contacted us after we had given a book of mormon to other people and they wanted one too.  I will keep you all updated on our adventures there.  
  Love everyone!  Have a great week!  

(These computers won´t let me send pictures, not my fault)

Other tidbits: 

I bought a cool hat and some Peruvian pants.
We are having a multi-zone Christmas party on Monday.  Which reminds me, we will have our pday on Tuesday next week.
ME:  Do you know any more about the Skype call for Christmas?
Jenna:  We got it set up with the relief society president, but we haven´t gotten her username or anything yet, so that will be next week.. at the last minute.

ME:  Where is your zone Christmas Party? 
Jenna:  In Barranca, which is the next zone down, about 4 hours in bus.  It will be interesting, but I will get to see Hna Rios and Elder Durrant because it is all of Norte Chico which is the 4 zones up north.

Jenna's dad loved "old movies" and she loved that too.  So here is her good news: 

So side note that I forgot to tell you last week.  One of the Hnas in my district, Hna McKnight from Michigan comes from a family like us.  She has seen, What´s up Doc, The Road To movies, Thoroughly Modern Millie and the Court Jester.  And Elder Reese from my ward has seen the Court Jester too, we were singing the songs together, it was the best day of my life.  I was soooo excited

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