Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas Miracle

Well sorry to break it to you, but a lot happened this week, but I don´t have a lot of time.  So you won´t get much. 
  We had another work visit with our sister training leaders, I don´t like work visits, but it was alright.
   We had a baptism on Saturday, and the night before we had called the zone leaders to ask if the font was still full from the baptism that day and they said yes.  So we get there the next day and it is bone dry, and there is no water at the church. So we start frantically calling everybody who could have a key to the church to come and turn on the water.  Finally we get it turned on and ________ doesn´t get there until an hour after the scheduled time, the water was frigid by that time.
  Then we had a few other Christmas activities that I mainly went to because there was hot chocolate.  There is also this fruit cake like bread called paneton....awful. 
  Then yesterday was our Christmas party!  We have to travel 4 hours to get there then four hours after and we got back at midnight, to get to our house and I couldn´t find the keys, so we went and slept in the casa of another companionship of hermanas and in the morning I discovered the keys were in my bag the whole time....not my best moment.  But I hope everyone has a great Christmas and always remember the reason for the season.  He is the Gift!
On the way to the zone Christmas Party...At the party...some of the decorations.


Elders Reese & Morales
Zone with President & Sister Archibald
Last but not least, Jenna got some new, really cool shoes...not waterproof, but cool never the less!! 

We are so anxious to be able to Skype with her this week for Christmas.  She says the Christmas Meal in Peru is on Christmas Eve so they will be eating with a member family that night.  She says the zone party was really fun, but she was bummed that her previous zone was not there after all.  She had been looking forward to seeing them again. 
I'm glad to report the package we sent her for Christmas was delivered to her at the zone party!!  YEA!! 
Merry Christmas everyone, from Peru.  #sharethegift

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