Monday, October 27, 2014

My run-in with the international police

Well this week has been hectic.  On Monday night we got a call that my companion and I had to go to Lima because I have to go to Immigrations and Interpol.  So Wednesday morning we get up and get ready while they installed our new water heater (YESS!!) and then went to Lima.  We chilled at the offices, then to immigrations, then back to the offices.  All of the new missionaries were reunited again.  It was a good time.  Then we stayed with other hermanas and woke up bright and early to go to interpol.  Highlight there, I met a guy from Holland, who grew up in Brazil, and went to an American School and is now studying in Peru....probably the coolest person I´ve ever met.  Then we went to the bus station, but Hermana Rios forgot her ID so they wouldn´t let her get on the bus.  Therefore, we have to wait for an hour or so for the missionaries in the office to bring her an ID.  Then our cellphone died on the bus.  It was quite a day.  Then Friday, we went back to Lima for a multi-zone conference and interviews.  Just a reminder that my mission president rocks...that´s all.  And I ate more those three days than I normally eat in a was awesome.  So because of all that, we didn´t get a whole lot done unfortunately this week.

 This is our roommate reunion (minus Hermana Russell who decided to serve a mission in Salt Lake)


And us waiting at the bus station.
Next week on emails from Hna. Ahern: I will write a descriptive email of the mission life and peru...for those of you who want to know. 
In a side note, Hermana Ahern got to talk to Elder Halverson for a few minutes while she was in Lima to go to Immigrations and Interpol.  Just a small bit of "home" makes her feel better and ready to go again. 
She says she loves Hermana Rios and they are hoping to get one more transfer together, but aren't expecting that to happen.  I'm so proud of her and so glad she is so happy serving the Lord. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Know That My Redeemer Lives!

Well....I don`t have a lot to say.  Not a whole lot happened this week.  I talked in church on service.  That was fun. Then Friday was the day of "SeƱor de Los Milagros" for the catholic church so all of Chancay was decorated in purple and white, and there was a giant parade with a giant image of Christ on the cross.  It was something.  It was really sad actually, and I just want to let everyone know that Christ lives!  He died so that he could overcome the death, and that`s what`s important, that he was resurrected.  He doesn`t want to remember that painful experience, and we shouldn`t focus on that either.  Through Him we can overcome, through Him we are clean, and through Him we can live again.  Of course we will always remember the sacrifice he made for us, but we don`t have to dwell on His death, He is not dead, He lives.  If we turn to Him and our Heavently Father in everything we do, we can live with Them and our families forever.  This church is true, and the blessings from living the gospel are infinite.  I love you all and pray for you!  Have a great week!  

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Island of Misprint T-shirts

Well I´ll start by explaining the title of this email.  Everyone here wears t-shirts with English writing on them, but what´s funny is that the majority of the time, they don´t make any sense whatsoever.  And if they do, there are a bunch of mispelled words.  But the people wearing them obviously don´t know English, so they don´t know.  It´s pretty funny.  

  But this week has been pretty good.  We went out to a part of our area that is separated from where we live where we had contacted a guy the week before.  We didn´t know if he´d even be home or if he lived with his family.  Turns out his family has 12 people in it! They unfortunately don´t all live there, but the children that do live there love us and the dad loves us.  We just have to work on getting the mom to love us.  
  Then we had a lesson with two other couples.  With one we set a baptismal date.  They had attended a few other churches, but never really loved any of them.  We introduced the Book of Mormon and by the next visit, he had read to chapter 14 of 1 Nephi.  
  The other couple, she had talked with missionaries two other times.  She says that every time, they show up exactly when she most needs it.  She says that she doesn´t believe in coincidences, but she doesn´t believe in miracles either.

Then we got to watch conference.....I´m sure it was great, but I didn´t understand all that much of it.  I obviously need to learn more Spanish.

Keep on keepin on!  And keep sharing the gospel with everyone!  Have a great week!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Me and Mrs. Jones

And by "Mrs." I mean "Hermana" but that didn`t go with the song.  But we had work visits from our Sister Training Leaders this week.  I went out with the mission renowned "Hermana Jones"  she`s mission celebrity because she baptized a family of 8.  It was hectic planning for two sets of missionaries.  But it was a good time.  They came, they ate, we tracted, they left.  Overall it was a hectic week.  We found 10 new investigators.  We set two baptismal dates this week, but last night we got a text from one saying she didn`t want to continue.  That was bullet to the heart.  So is the life of a missionary I guess.  But the elections were yesterday so Chancay was packed with people, so we got some good contacting time.  We also didn`t get to watch conference, so that`s a bummer.  But we get to watch it next weekend.


Fun story (and by "fun" I mean near death experience):  This morning, Hermana Rios was showering and she turned off the water heater, but for some reason didn`t get out of the shower.  And 10 seconds later the water heater fell off the wall.  It broke, and broke the toilet on the way to the ground.  So now we get to take cold showers for a while, but if she would have gotten out, who knows what would have happened.  That was a happy miracle from the Lord. 


Have a great week!


Hermana Ahern