Monday, January 5, 2015

And a Happy New Year

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years.  My new companion and I went up on the roof at midnight to watch the fireworks that were being set off EVERYWHERE.  We were surrounded by loud bands and lots of colors, it was something.  Unless you´ve lived it, you can´t imagine.  They don´t have anything like this in the states.
  My companion is Hermana Morales from Mexico.  She´s 20 and has 1 year and 1 month in the mission. (The same time as Hna. Flores)  Hna. Flores went to Barranca to be a Sister Training Leader, and Hna, Morales went from being a Sister Training Leader to being my companion.  So all of my companions up until now have been STLs.....I´m hoping that´s not a sign.
  As far as lessons, we had a good week.  We found a lot of convivientes, welcome to south america, but I did have another "This is Peru" moment.  We taught a couple of convivientes on the bank of a river next to an invasion (where the poorer people live in huts and shacks)  It was a good time.  We also helped a lady wash clothes in bitter cold water which resulted in a guy coming to church because he saw us.  So I´d like to testify of service, it works, try it.

Well that´s all folks, everyone have a great week!

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