Monday, September 29, 2014 can make that in a microwave?

Yes, that`s been the golden question.  I`ve found that you can in fact make a lot of things in the microwave, like pancakes and scrambled eggs.  That`s been my life.  It`s also been basically a party everyday here because there are elections this weekend so there is a concert every night in the plaza.  It`s a good time.  Also, because of the elections, we don`t get to watch conference next weekend like the rest of the world.  We have to wait for the next weekend.  That also means we won`t have church for two weeks, which makes it hard to invite people to church.  

  We still haven`t set anymore baptismal dates yet.  We are working on that.  We talk to a lot of people, but they usually aren`t home when we go.  Such is life in South America.  But we are going to find people.  The Lord didn`t send us here to knock on doors, he sent us here to baptize.  So everyone have  a great week, and hopefully I`ll have more to report next week! 
Love you all!

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