Monday, September 1, 2014

Peru, where the 70s came to die.

   Well, what I know about Peru so far.  There are dogs everywhere!  You can`t flush toilet paper down the toilet.  It`s dirty.  The food is super good.  And the winner....nobody speaks English.  Just kidding, I already knew the last one.  But some people that speak a little English will think there being helpful and translate super easy words for me....I`m like yes thank you, but I know what that meant.  But the people are really good.  But there are so many things here that look like they`re from the 70s.  A lot of music.  But they are really weird, like the house aren`t really nice, but they`ll have like iPhones and flat screen TVs.  It`s weird.

   My companion is Hermana Rios.  She is from Panama and has been in the mission for 11 months.  I`m her first child.  She doesn`t speak much English, so it`s been a good time.  We have contacted a lot of people, but nobody is married, so that`s a problem.  We have taught a few lessons, and yesterday we got a baptismal date from an investigator named Esperanza.  That was exciting.  We had a conference the other day with Bishop Davis from the bishopric presidency.  It was good and I got to see Elder Halverson! 

  Our area is called Chancay, it`s not as shabby as other areas and we are really close to the beach.  There is also a castle in our area.  There are only 8 missionaries in our zone.  Our zone and our district are the same.  So that`s pretty fun.  I`m picking up Spanish, but I still have a looooong way to go.  Well yeah...that`s it.  Have a great week!

Hermana Rios & Hermana Ahern
September 1, 2014

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