Monday, October 6, 2014

Me and Mrs. Jones

And by "Mrs." I mean "Hermana" but that didn`t go with the song.  But we had work visits from our Sister Training Leaders this week.  I went out with the mission renowned "Hermana Jones"  she`s mission celebrity because she baptized a family of 8.  It was hectic planning for two sets of missionaries.  But it was a good time.  They came, they ate, we tracted, they left.  Overall it was a hectic week.  We found 10 new investigators.  We set two baptismal dates this week, but last night we got a text from one saying she didn`t want to continue.  That was bullet to the heart.  So is the life of a missionary I guess.  But the elections were yesterday so Chancay was packed with people, so we got some good contacting time.  We also didn`t get to watch conference, so that`s a bummer.  But we get to watch it next weekend.


Fun story (and by "fun" I mean near death experience):  This morning, Hermana Rios was showering and she turned off the water heater, but for some reason didn`t get out of the shower.  And 10 seconds later the water heater fell off the wall.  It broke, and broke the toilet on the way to the ground.  So now we get to take cold showers for a while, but if she would have gotten out, who knows what would have happened.  That was a happy miracle from the Lord. 


Have a great week!


Hermana Ahern

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