Monday, September 8, 2014

How my mission turned me into a coffee addict

So there´s this drink in Peru called Ecco, and it basically is exactly like coffee, but not so it´s OK to drink.  It´s like mormon coffee.  So yeah, I´ve been becoming an addict to´s a good time.  We´ve had more lessons this week, but not much to report.  We contact a lot of people, but usually they are home when we go by so it´s a lot of work with not a lot to show.  But we still have our baptismal date set for Esperanza.  She is progressing nicely.  We also have trouble finding people who are actually married.  The #1 most dreaded word here is "convivientes" kills your hopes and dreams.  My Spanish is least I hope so.  People still don´t understand me because, according to my companion, I have a really thick accent.  So I´m working on that.  But I´ve always wanted to have an accent.  The traffic here is like gambling life everytime to walk out the door.  I can´t even describe it.  Lines on the road don´t mean anything, and there aren´t stop signs anywhere.  If you want to get across the street, you bolt it at any space in traffic.  So I´ve answered the age old question of "If your friend ran out in front of a bus, would you do it?"  The answer is, "Yes, and I´ve done it on multiple occasions or I´ll never get across the street"  And the public transportation....yeah, they say it´s bad in New York.  But yesterday, we were chillin on a street corner waiting for an appointment, and two guy came up to me and asked if I could practice the word of God with them.  I´m like, "Uhhh, we´re just waiting for an appointment." They´re like, "well we want to learn more."  I´m like (inside) yesssssss (outside) great, we can teach you.  It was interesting.  My comp was on the phone with the district leader, so I had to do it all.  It was intense.  But yeah,  things are goin good.  Had a lesson with a paranoid that was fun.  Love you all.  Have a great week!

 We also visited a castle for p-day last week.
I asked about her apartment and the weather:
my apartment is alright.  My companion says it´s not as nice as normal hermanas apartments, so we might be moving.  It´s just chilly everywhere, not super cold.  It´s usually not that windy either.
 Coastline below the Castle Chancay
 Castillo Chancay
 Jenna found her knight in shining (or not so shining) armour.
 A Titanic Moment - Elders
 Jenna's Titanic Moment
Hermana Rios and Hermana Ahern at the Castle.

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