Monday, September 15, 2014

Do you go to any church? No, I`m Catholic.

 That has been the interesting thing this week.  People still aren`t married, but there are also a ton of Catholics here, and also Jehovah`s Witnesses which is weird.  But We will ask people if they go to any chuch and they`ll say, "No, I`m Catholic"  Ummmm..... so does Catholicism not count as a church?  But it`s not very easy to baptize Catholics.  They get hung up on the fact that they`re already baptized, and they can`t get baptized again.  We still haven`t gotten anymore solid investigators, we contact a lot, but when we go visit, they aren`t there.  But we do have a baptism this week, so we are excited about that.  We also contacted a 17-year-old and he gave us this giant foam sign that says BIENVENIDOS. It was a little strange, but nice.  There are also elections going on right now, so there are a lot of rallies which is pretty annoying.  I`ll be happy when that`s over.  We have a training meeting for all the new missionaries, so I got to see everyone I came here with.  It`s the last time we will ever all be together.  It was great, spent the whole day in Lima.  Yup, that`s it, Have a great week!

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