Friday, August 1, 2014

The CCM, where birds come to die

Well this week went by way faster than last week, probably because it wasn´t 10 days in between p-days.  We got to go to the temple visitor´s center today.  It was great.  The temple is beautiful.  I´m starting to forget how to spell in English.  So I guess that means I´m starting to switch into Spanish Mode.  But we got a few more great thunder storms here.  We starting teaching a couple more "investigators"   But there usually isn´t that much to report because we basically do the same thing every day.  Our district is becoming closer and we always have fun. A lot of people have been getting sick.  I´m getting the beginnings of it, but I´m hoping it clears up before it gets bad.  I really don´t have all that much.  The devotionals are always fun.  I got a mosquito bite on my cuticle so that was a bummer.  There are mosquitos in all the buildings all the time.  We also get rollie pollies in our rooms.  We just ignore them basically, because there are so many.  There are also birds everywhere.  Like Idaho has squirrels, Mexico has birds.  And we see dead birds lyin in yards all over.  

  But since we went to the temple today, we finally got to go out into the world.  Mexico city is crazy.  I never want to drive here.  The traffic is mad.  I feared for my life.  But the city is pretty cool.  I would like to come here and actually get to look around and things, but yeah that´s really all I got this week.  So everyone have a great week! 

This is just a shot of Mexico City while they were out and about. 
Here is her district in front of the Mexico City Temple.  The temple is closed for renovations, but they were able to go to the visitors center. 
 Here is Jenna and Sister Russell at the Visitor's Center. 

So they went shopping at the Visitors Center for authentic Mexican shirts.  Favorite Hermanas at the CCM. 
 Love, Hermana Ahern

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