Monday, August 25, 2014

Adios to Mexico

So Hermana Olson (my roommate) is going to peru and apparently they changed the rule and you are allowed to have two checked bags instead of just that´s a bummer.

 So today is the day - flying to Peru.  She sent a bunch of pictures.
 This is a pix of her roommates.  Her companion is heading to SLC South, but the other two are headed to Lima West with Jenna. 
This is the group of Hermanas that lived in Jenna's "casa."

 This is their morning teacher at the CCM.  I think Jenna is going to feel "tall" her whole mission!! 

They had an awards ceremony before they left and these are Jenna's seems Jenna has held to her normal, FUN self while studying and learning at the CCM. 
 An Elder in her district has a lot of talent.  He drew this.
Here are the hermanas sitting down to eat lunch.  Looks pretty good and it looks like Jenna wasn't going to waste any of it. 
So tonight, my phone rang and I looked at the number and almost didn't answer, as I had no clue who might be calling me from the number displayed.  Thank goodness I was Jenna calling from the airport in Mexico.  She was so excited to talk to Ember and Melanie - we had to wake Melanie up, but she didn't mind.  Jenna is excited to be headed to Peru.  She arrives at 6AM tomorrow morning.  I know she is ready even though she is sure her Spanish is not good.  She will be wonderful and I know she will grow and become more sure and strong in her faith and testimony.  I am so glad she has chosen to serve! 

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