Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Memory of Robin Williams

Well I´m glad everyone keeps me in the dark.  If I hadn´t heard the news about Robin Williams here, I wouldn´t know.  So I decided to name this email after him to honor his life.  Today is our last normal P-day.  We didn´t do much.  Cleaned out the shower drain....that was pretty gross.  But yeah this week will be a little bit more exciting because our P-day is on Wednesday and we have a bunch of training things on Friday.   And then we´re off.  

  So the highlights this week:  I had an awkward moment with an elder.  We were playing volleyball and we both were going for the ball and collided.  And in order to stop me from falling he grabbed on to we kind of hugged.....that´s the most body contact I´ll have with a male for the next 18 months.  But, it was a close call...good thing we didn´t get sent home...  In other news.  There was a crazy cool moon on Sunday.  We watched it rise up from behind the mountain which was awesome.  There was also a nasty flu virus and that went around.  Hermana Russell and I avoided it so far.  Hopefully that continues.  Annnnddd....yeah we keep teaching our investigators and we hopefully are improving everytime so.  Things are pretty good.  Still a lot of rain and ugly birds....and also parrots all around.  So yeah, everyone have a great week!

 Elder from the other district is a Mad Artist and drew this for Jenna.  Pretty good!!

We´re not as cool as the Beatles.....

So that's it for this week.  It looks to me (Mom) like they have a lot of fun with their studies at the CCM.  I think Jenna will miss Mexico, but will learn to love Peru too.

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