Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last P-day!

Well it´s weird to have p-day again so soon.  Not much has happened in the past few days.  It was Hermana Russell´s birthday yesterday so we kind of celebrated.  She got a lot of candy from people.  And the other Hermanas decorated the door.  She felt super special.  An Hermana in my casa and I went on exchanges and sang in the choir yesterday.  We sang "Grande Eres Tu"  or How Great Thou Art.  It was fun.  I miss choir.  We also got our flight itineraries.  My flight to peru is Monday at 11:50 PM.  Flying through the night and arriving in Peru around 6 AM.  That´s going to be a good time.  There are about 25 missionaries on that flight.  Everyone is getting really excited to leave, but also nervous.  It´s going to be hard to stay focused the rest of this week.  But things are good!  Everyone have a great week!

Great group of Hermanas at the CCM...time together almost over. 
Treat time!!  Hermana Russell had a birthday and they got matching shirts.  Hermana Russell is going to SLC South, Spanish speaking.  Here is a picture of where they go for gym. 

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