Monday, June 29, 2015

My Twelve Step Recovery Program

So that title's a lie, there`s really only one step.....stop it.  This week my comp and I are getting rid of our addictions.  She has stopped biting her nails and I`ve stopped popping my fingers.....for those of you who know me, you will know how hard this week has been for me.  But it`s going well, I`ve gone a whole week without popping my fingers on purpose more than once or twice, but I still have to fight the urge a lot, it`s a rough time, please pray for me ;) just kidding, we`ll see if I can make it.


  Other than that  it`s been a slow week, a family that we found brought us out cups of coffee at the end of the lesson.....awkward.  and we had a baptism.  Her name is Monica and she is the secretary of the Area and a member of the area seventy came to baptize big deal, we baptize big wigs in my area.  Not really, she wasn`t even my investigator, I just got to see her be baptized, but she is a really sweet lady, she has worked for the church for a few years now, but only a few months ago decided to find out about all these things and says she felt a big change in her since she started reading the Book of Mormon.


So everyone have a good week and please read your Book of Mormon, if you don`t have one, find some mormon missionaries and ask for one, they always keep one handy, and...they`re free!
Jenna has also noticed that the sun is bleaching her hair out a bit. 

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