Monday, July 6, 2015

Let Freedom Ring!

  So Happy Fourth of July everyone.....on Saturday.  Even though I`m not in the land of the free, I did my best to remember the wonderful holiday (pictures below)  

    So this week was the finals of the Copa America.  This has been a real struggly probably in all south american countries because on the night of the game, EVERYONE is watching.  If you had appointments, you are either invited to watch or come back another day, but this week it finally ended.  Peru took third with Chile in first and Argentina in second.

   Another fun happening this week.  On Tuesday I open my drawer to see a cockroach scurry out and into the dresser, obviously being a calm, level-headed person, I panic, not because of the cockroach, but because it escaped and I did know how to reach it.  So we start trying to find it with a flashlight, but the drawers can`t be taken out, so my companion decides that the only option is take everything out of the drawers and tip the dresser over and lift up all the drawers to find it.  So we do that and the only way we can lift up all the drawers is with pamphlets of the lessons or dvd and books of mormon.  So we are there for an hour with a broom trying to find it and kill it, and to our surprise, we find a whole family.  3 cockroaches and two eggs that had been dwelling happily in our dresser.  Let`s just say that our house smelled of cockroach killing spray for a few days and the drawers still smell, but the cockroaches are dead.

     In spiritual news, the family that we are working with went to church yesterday and they loved it.  It was really a miracle because Thursday we visited them and talked about going to church on Sunday and the dad was a little worried because he had promised his brother to go and help him move on Sunday, so he said that he probobly wouldn`t be able to go to church, but that the next sunday he would. So we talked about the importance of attending church and proving our faith and putting God first. So he said he would think about it and give us an answer on Saturday when we came. So we go on Saturday and we get there the wife says that he isn`t home, so we are a little worried, but then she says that he had gone to help his brother move on Saturday so they could go to church on Sunday.  It was a happy time.  

Sorry it is sideways, can't get it to turn and load. 

I assume this is the bedroom, while looking for the cockroach!!

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