Monday, June 22, 2015

Airplanes in the Night Sky are like Shooting Stars.

So, the moment you`ve all been waiting for, transfers!  I am in El Olivar which.....has the airport in it...whooo!  Que trunkazo!  No just kidding, it doesn`t make me trunky, but it makes me sad that I can hear all the planes taking off, but I can`t see them :(  

  Apart from that, my companion is Hna. Marin, from Bolivia.  She is from the same group as Hna. Luengo (my greenie) and Hna. Luengo is in my district!  

  It was a long week, Hna. Marin`s last comp was finishing her mission, so they weren`t in their area almost the whole week so we basically started from 0, so a lot of walking, talking, and knocking.  

  Then today for pday we climbed up a hill overlooking the ocean and airport, which was gorgeous, that also happened to have a giant statue of a virgen....This is Peru.

  I also got to see Elder Halverson again at transfers!!!

  And we got to see the temple dedication of Trujillo!  It was really lovely, I love getting to see that.  There were three sessions and we were originally only going to be able to go to the first one, but our ZLs called the night before and said that if we found 5 new investigators, that we could go to the first and the last session.  So Sunday morning after the 9 o`clock session, we hit the pavement searching, searching, searching for new investigators, and we found them, all within 2 hours.  So we got to go to the 3rd session too!  

  But it was really hard for me to leave Gamarra (especially since they closed our area) because in my time there I have found so many people that have impacted my life, I grew to love the people there so much, I consider them family.  But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan, and even though saying goodbye is a part of the mission I hate, I`m glad I have the chance to grow and learn and meet new people. 

  Love you all!  Have a great week!


My make shift bed, a couch without cushions, my first night here because I was way too tired to make my bed

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