Monday, June 15, 2015

I ain`t ready, ready Freddy

So this was a hectic week.  Some highlights include but are not limited to: 

    a neighborhood blackout that lasted for like 5 hours.  But luckily the limit just happened to be the street where we live, so we could enjoy it, but not have to deal with it.  

   We didn`t have water all day yesterday.  

    We had to speak in church

    I`m getting transferred again

   And.....a miracle baptism.


  So let`s skip all the first ones and get to the miracle baptism.  I`m going to tell y`all the story of a guy named Freddy.  

  A few months ago, with Hna. Jimenez, we were trying to figure out who we could teach that could get baptized, and she told me, "Jimmy (a recent convert) has a brother that was talking with the missionaries for a while"  So we go, meet him, and invite him to get baptized.  He accepts, and Hna. Jimenez gets transferred and Hna. Luengo comes.  So we teach him for a while longer, his baptismal date falls through, we put another one, falls through again, because he won`t come to church consistently.  So we make the decision to let him go.

  A few weeks later, he shows up to church, alone, not even with his brother.  So we decide that if he comes again, then we`ll start teaching him again.  The next week, he comes again.  So we decide to teach.  We made appointment after appointment the whole week, but every one fell through.  And during this week I had had the thought to give him a card with the Articles of Faith, because he just wouldn`t make a decision.  So after a week of failed appointments, we decided to leave it alone, but we go by once more to leave the card.  And I told him "these articles are everything we believe as a church.  If you read this and agree with each one, you better have a really good reason for not wanting to get baptized"  And we left.

  Tuesday of this last week, we are in the mercado giving away pamphlets and he walks by, so we are talking to him and start talking about the articles of faith, and if he read them or not.  So he said that he read them, analyzed them really well because of what I said and said he agreed with all of them.  So we start talking about why he doesn`t want to get baptized, but he doesn`t really have a solid answer, but says he`ll think about it and that we go back in a few days.  So we go back the next night and are talking, and he (being who he is) keeps saying, "no next week, or next month, or next year" and all sorts of things, so we say, "no, you are ready, you just have to make the decision" So we are about to leave and he says, "no hermanas, I`m kidding, I`m gonna get baptized this Saturday, I just wanted to mess with you."  I died, I was so emotionally spent that I took out my waterbottle and splashed him.  So we run that night to try and get everything ready for his interview and the few things we still had to teach him, and Saturday, he got baptized.  

   It was really a miracle. It was one of the best moments I`ve had.  And I was dead this week, so tired.  We were running all week.  But it was worth it.


 Wow, he is really getting baptized. 
Totally worn out from the work this week. 

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