Monday, June 1, 2015

People waiting for the day they feel good, Happy Birthday

So sorry I didn´t write last week, I was feeling kinda lazy.  
  So this week, I played football, was sore for like a week. We had work visits.....yay! But it wasn´t this bad this time, I actually almost enjoyed it.  L. Tom Perry passed away :( and it was my birthday!  Well he actually passed away on my birthday.....not the best gift.  But we had a pretty good week, no birthday baptism :( But I did have to be in the church for the half the day for other elders´ was rough.  But I made biscuits and gravy and ate a lot of cake.  It was a great birthday, so many people told me happy birthday, it made me feel really special.  So now I´m offically out of my "teen years"  yay!  But yeah, other than that, not much is happening.  We are working, finding, dropping, finding more.  We just are missing the baptizing part.
  She did report that this past week, they actually completed all 10 of the maneras (the plan of action given them by President Archibald.)  They were both so excited about that!!

Birthday celebration
"my birthday gift to mee, I´m so happy" (had to buy two six packs of juice boxes to get this....sooo worth it)

 Happy 20th Birthday - Yummy looking cake - blow out the candle - eat the cake!!

 Well that is the tradition for birthdays. 
 I think this is biscuits and gravy - must have been for her birthday. 
 Waiting at the church for the Elder's baptisms - on her birthday.
 Lunch out - looks pretty good.   Below she tried straightening her hair, but too much humidity. 

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