Monday, March 2, 2015

Lemme take you to Rio, Rio

Well another Brazilian endeavor.  On Tuesday, we went to Interpol, because my companion was illegal, these Mexicans, it doesn´t matter where they go, always illegal....just kidding, my companion said that I could say that, so it´s not rascist.  But there was a group of gringos from the MTC in Lima, so I decided that I would tell them that I was from Brazil....and they believed me.  So if anyone asks, I´m from Sao Paolo Brazil.  I felt a little bad, and I was really going to tell them, but they all left before I could.  But there are three hermanas that are coming to this mission, so they´ll find out eventually.
   Other news, I ate chicken feet, which is really big here, so I wanted to try it.....I just couldn´t get past the finger nails, and I stopped.
    Then we did some service hauling bags of bricks and rubble down 4 flights of stairs, in the beating sun.  Manual labor is rough.
   Lastly, we ran in to some Jehovah´s Witnesses, they are not pleasant people, and they are not respectful at all, it was a sad time.  It´s so frustrating when people just want to contend with us instead of wanting to learn and share....that sounded a bit like a Mean Girls quote, unintentional, but still true.

Well everyone have a great week!

We made the chicken foot into Gollum... Myy preeeccious

And we tried making cookies in the didn´t work

In my email Jenna said they will be having a baptism on Saturday also.  She's very excited about that, but says it is really hard to find new contacts to teach.  Please pray for them.  

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