Monday, March 16, 2015

Miracles happen, once in a while, when you use your 10 maneras

A couple small things this week before we get to the main course.  It was stake conference and our mission president spoke....I´d just like to remind you that my mission president is awesome and I am sure that he is going to be a general authority soon....very soon. 

  Also, just a side note that I thought I´d let you know, is that, due to laziness, humidity, and my companion, I´ve stopped doing my hair, I just let it go natural now....It´s working out quite well.  I´ll keep you updated.


So this week was a week of miracles.

  In my mission, our mission president tells us to have 10 maneras or 10 differnet ways to find people to teach, and he promises us that if we have them, and use them all, every week, we will baptize weekly.  So obviously, who doens´t want to baptize weekly right?  So we have been using our 10 maneras since the second week of transfers and you have to do if for at least 4 weeks to see results no.  So we were thinking this week that it has been four weeks and we should have a baptism the 21st, but we didn´t have anyone that could get baptized that day.  But we didn´t get discouraged, so we started thinking about what we needed to do to have a baptism, and my companion brillantly says, "maybe we should just ask for the miracle"  So for 2 or 3 days we were praying asking God for a baptism the 21st.  After those few days, we get a call from the zone leaders and they ask us is we want a miracle for the 21st, so we´re like ummm yeah.  And they tell us that they have a lady who is ready for baptism the 21st, she´s already had all the lessons and has assisted, we just need to talk to her and she can get baptized the 21st.  I can´t even tell you what I felt in that moment.  And I testify to everyone that if you follow your leaders, you will have miracles in your life, and that God answers the prayers of those that are willing to follow Him.


Love you all have a great week!


One of our maneras is giving away lemonade


Us before stake conference
PS -If you can believe it, today was Jenna's 8 month mark.  Time is going so fast!! 

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