Monday, March 23, 2015

Get in the water! GET IN!

First of all, if someone can get the movie quote from my title, without looking it up, i´ll bring you a llama from Peru.

So I forgot to look at my journal to find things to write and tell you, so I don´t remember.  But we did have our miracle baptism that was a good time.
   So when people get baptized, the one who is going to baptize them explains a little bit about how it´s going to go down and what they need to do so everything goes smoothly right?  So Elder Johnson, one of the zone leaders that taught her, was explaining everything that she needed to do with plugging her nose, bending her knees, etc.  But I guess she didn´t really understand it, so when he finishes the baptismal prayer and tries to put her hand on her nose, she doesn´t plug her nose and just puts her hand flat, so at this point it´s too late to try and explain it again, so he just has to submerge her in the water.  And she comes up coughing, gasping for air, and spitting out water, and for like 3 minutes just stands there trying to breathe normal.  After worrying for about 30 seconds, we just start laughing really quietly so as not to draw attention.  So word of advice, try not to drown the people you baptize.    Also, the other elders in our district had a baptism and they had to do it four times, so that´s why the title is what it is.

   I´ve also been working on my latino accent while speaking in´s going pretty well, I can definitely pass for being from Brazil.

In other news, my mother died this week.
My mission mother.

Also my companion is getting transferred, so another new companion for me.

Also, here´s my breakfast, because in Peru, Trix aren´t just for kids.

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