Monday, March 9, 2015

Another week has come and gone

Well sorry to report that not that much happened this week.  We had two baptisms of a mother and daughter that we had to save the day before, but that´s the mission life.  It was scary for a second, but when they know they know, and sometimes we just have to help them overcome their fears.


We had a change of rules this week that we need to limit the correspondence that we have with friends through email, so if I don´t write you as much, that´s why, don´t worry, I still love all of you :)


Have a great week!

Awhile  back Melanie sent Jenna a "box of Sunshine" full of yellow things.  One of them was a bottle of bubbles.   So today: 
I´m making good use of the package you guys sent

Also today she said:
So I´ve decided that I really miss the temple.

I am happy she loves the temple.  I am excited for her to be able to go to the Lima temple at some point before she comes home.  Her mission has a "companionship of the month" and the reward is to go to the temple.  I know she works hard and maybe some month it will be her and her companion that get that reward of going to the temple. 
Love this girl and love the growth I see in her in the 250+ days she has been serving the Lord. 

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