Monday, February 23, 2015

Alcoholics Anonymous

Well based on the title I´m sure you´re all worried that I´ve become an alcoholic on my misión.....and it´s true.  

The other day we were walking around a Little neighborhood and sat down to rest for a few minutes and this guy comes out and starts talking to us (he´s a Little buzzed) and offers us a drink (of soda) but we say not it´s ok, so he yells to his son in the store to bring him a liter of wáter and 3 cups.  So he pours us a drink and we sit on the corner drinking with this guys like regular drunks, it was a good time.
The the next day a lady give us a drink of juice that she says doesn´t have alcohol but it tastes a Little strange, so we are thinkin that the grape juice was a Little was interesting.

Other than that, my news for this week is that.....some asked if I was from brazil!  they asked me where I was from and I told them to guess and they said, well based on your accent, I´d say Brazil.  I was really excited.

And lastly, our pensionista is a psychologist, so we spend a lot of our lunch time talking about deep topics, long story short....well there´s actually no story, it´s just a good time, and I´ll return home with a lot less emotional problems.  Win.

Well that´s basically it, it´s still really hot and humid.  HAve a great week!

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