Monday, February 2, 2015

Blame it on the A-a-a-a-a-altitude

(Jenna hit her six-month mark on January 16, and they celebrated with big pieces of cake.)
  Well sorry about not sending anything last week, we only had an hour of internet because we went to the olympic point which is the mountain they used for the logo of paramount pictures!  It was shhweeet!  And I got to see the snow.....I´m so that movie.  Hint: It has to do with Peru.  Hermana Morales actually had never touched snow before, so it was a touching experience for the both of us.

  Then we went to another wedding, not ours this time, but it was the most trunky experience, not for me because I´m never getting married, but all the elders were trunkAZOS.  On the bright side, we got food. And that is a really big deal for missionaries, especially me, because food is my life  Food=Life.  And we couldn´t dance again.....I´m dying.  But an elder that served here brought his mom and cousin to the wedding and because Huaraz is really high up, the travel affected his cousin and she all of a sudden passed out while we were waiting, it was an experience running to the store and putting all sorts of oils on to help her.  Dat altitude doe.  It´s the excuse for everything.  "My back hurts"  "must be the altitude"

   Now for the funny story of the week.  We are teaching a family of 4 and we´ve been teaching them for a while, but the dad has been having troubles accepting it, so we decided to go back and teach the Restoration with emphasis on the apostasy.  So we used a scripture about how there are only two church, the church of God and the church of the devil which is "the whore of all the earth"  And she decided to look up what "whore" was and found the word prostitute.  So she goes and asks her neighbor and then her grandma what church they went to.  So they told her and she asks (completely serious) "So were you a prostitute"  We were dying, but now we need to find a way to explain this to her so she doesn´t go around accusing everyone of being a prostitute.

 Finally I can send pictures!  yay!
Jenna also had to spend a day in Lima at immigration, but finally got her permanent card.  She got to see a few old friends.

They discovered a new drink, Mate, from Argentine.

 She finally got some new boots, so her feet will be dry and warm. 

Jenna and Hna McKnight

A box of free stuff to try and get contacts.  Pretty Ingenious.  
The District shined shoes in the Plaza to get contacts.  It was fun.

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