Monday, January 19, 2015

Mama said there`d be days like this

Well this week was different.  We hiked up a mountain last week to try and get to a lagoon, but we didn`t actually make it to the lagoon, that makes the second time on my mission that we hiked up a mountain without getting to our destination.  Then when we got back, we were contacting a man with his little girl (and Peru is really weird and has random holes in the sidewalk) and she fell right in one.  She`s ok, but we made a joke that she was so desperate to contact that she fell in the hole so he would take pity on us and let us worked, he took us to his house and we made an appointment.   However, I would not recommend this to all.
   Some bad news, our family of 4 didn`t pass their interview and the dad doesn`t want to get baptized, so their date fell through and he leaves to work for 10 days on Friday, but be not worried, we will not give up.  We also had two days with only about 2 lessons, we walked around a lot.
   On Saturday, for a way to find people, we shined shoes by the plaza in our area, it was a great time, and we got a lot of referrals from all over Huaraz, and I also got my shoes shined :)
   Small news, I ate seaweed on Sunday...gross.  And I hit my 6 month mark!  I can`t believe how fast time has gone, it`s insane, but I`ve realized that I only have a year left to realize all the things I have left to do.
   And lastly, I rode 8 hours through the night last night to come to Lima, where it`s humid and hot, to finish immigrations, but now I`m officially legal  YAY!   So all in all, this week has been different for sure.  Everyone have a great week!  Love you all!

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