Monday, February 9, 2015


Turn and face the strain, ch-ch-changes.  Yeah, I´m getting transferred again.  I am super super super sad to leave. It is so pretty here, and good weather, not too hot, not too cold, and rain.  Also, a lot of cool toursit things to buy.  But I´m putting my trust in the Lord, and that has always worked out for me in the past, so this won´t be any different.

A little bit about this week, we had a work visit, which I usually don´t like, but my old companion Hermana Flores is the STL, so we did it with her, which was actually alright, but I didn´t feel uncomfortable or anything, so it was a good time.  Then, my biggest accomplishment in the mission, I learned how to solve a Rubix Cube!!!!  Just kidding, not my biggest, but it´s a pretty big deal.  I also went paintballing for the first time last pday.

Lastly, we had four baptisms on Saturday, that was hectic, but incredible.  One single mother, and part of a family. 
  The story on the family:  We have been teaching them for months and months, and the dad does want anything, but always showed the slighest desire so we thought we could do it, we had talked with our misison president and ward council, and in the end, he refused to get baptized, which was heartwrenching because his wife and daughters were so ready to be baptized, and had such strong testimonies.  So we had an emergency ward council meeting and talked with our president and he said that if we had done all we could and the dad still doésn´t want anything, we should go with the mother and daughters, so on Saturday was there baptism, but there´s a catch that happens here in Huaraz, the water is FREEZING:  So we were in the church all day trying to get the water a little warmer, which we did, but still cold.  So the mother and older daughter get baptized and the younger daughter of 8 goes to get baptized, takes one step in the water and backs out saying, it´s so cold so cold.  So we were on both sides of the font with her mom and sister in the font on both stairways trying to convince her to get baptized, saying all sorts of things and someone says, but all your family did, and she says (and her dad is there watching) "no my dad hasn´t done it"  BURN!  It was pretty funny.  So we ended up filling up pans of cold water, telling her it was hot and putting them in the font.  After about twenty minutes, she got baptized, but wow, it was a struggle.

Well that´s my story for this week for those of you who are still with me.  Hope everyone has a great week, and I´ll let everyone know my fate next week!

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