Monday, February 16, 2015

It´s hotter than hot

That´s an Aladdin reference for those of you who don´t know.
    So news for this week, I am in Lima, in Trebol, and it´s really hot and humid.  I basically don´t have to do anything and I´m already sweating, it´s a struggle.  But I like my area and my pensionista is the best.  My companion is Hermana Jimenez from Mexico.  She only has two transfers left in the mission.  But she´s great, I almost feel like we´re the same person.  She was a theater major before the mission and she´s seen all the best movies and knows the best music, yeah, we´re friends.  Doesn´t know English, but she can understand it.
  I was sad to say goodbye to Huaraz, but on the bright side I got to buy some cool things before leaving, and my bishop´s family gave me a Kena, which is some cool Peruvian flute, I'm still trying to learn how to make sound come out instead of just air.  I am also back to not having a water heater and having a death shower head.  But that´s about it, not much has happened this week.  Oh, except I got to see Elder Halverson in transfers again, good times, good times.  

 Also got to see Hermana Rios at the transfer meetings. 

Love you all, have a great week!

1. Elder Reese and I celebrating our exit
2. My convert pushed my face in the cake...she loves me
3. First baptism in Trebol, woohoo, I didn´t do anything


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