Monday, October 13, 2014

The Island of Misprint T-shirts

Well I´ll start by explaining the title of this email.  Everyone here wears t-shirts with English writing on them, but what´s funny is that the majority of the time, they don´t make any sense whatsoever.  And if they do, there are a bunch of mispelled words.  But the people wearing them obviously don´t know English, so they don´t know.  It´s pretty funny.  

  But this week has been pretty good.  We went out to a part of our area that is separated from where we live where we had contacted a guy the week before.  We didn´t know if he´d even be home or if he lived with his family.  Turns out his family has 12 people in it! They unfortunately don´t all live there, but the children that do live there love us and the dad loves us.  We just have to work on getting the mom to love us.  
  Then we had a lesson with two other couples.  With one we set a baptismal date.  They had attended a few other churches, but never really loved any of them.  We introduced the Book of Mormon and by the next visit, he had read to chapter 14 of 1 Nephi.  
  The other couple, she had talked with missionaries two other times.  She says that every time, they show up exactly when she most needs it.  She says that she doesn´t believe in coincidences, but she doesn´t believe in miracles either.

Then we got to watch conference.....I´m sure it was great, but I didn´t understand all that much of it.  I obviously need to learn more Spanish.

Keep on keepin on!  And keep sharing the gospel with everyone!  Have a great week!

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