Monday, October 12, 2015

Pre-Written While I Ate Breakfast

First notice, our internet time got cut 1 hour, so I will probably be writing less personal emails from now on.

  Now for my week:  On Wednesday we did almost 0 work.  In the morning we had a training with President Archibald-awesome as always.  In the afternoon, another training about helping converts do Familiy History so they can go to the temple sooner and the best part is that we will get to go to the temple with them!!!!  Then that night we had interviews with Pres.  So all in all we were working in our area for about an hour and a half.

  Thursday-Sunday was like a long holiday weekend here, so the people were a little too busy drinking to listen to us.  We started the season of "Señor de Los Milagros" so say hello to parades of people carrying saints through the streets for the next couple of weeks....awful. 

  Highlight:  Ate semi-American mashed potatoes which were heavenly.  Because here the "mashed potatoes"  are a lot thinner and made from yellow potatoes and.....they're just doing it wrong, so this was a nice treat.

  And had a great Sunday to top off the week.  Have several people that are working towards baptism and it´s getting warmer here.

  I love Perú and I love what I´m doing!  

  Love you all, have a great week   (no pics this week :( )

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