Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Week of October

   So this week was another eventful one.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was a bit ill and walking around all day with a sick stomach in not pleasant, so we were moving pretty slow for a couple days.  Also, Wednesday was Hna Iman´s birthday.  And I was sick so we didn´t eat cake until Thursday.

  In other news, I learned to tell the difference between real and conterfeit peruvian money...moving up in the world. 

  Saturday was a run-day.  Then Sunday we had a special conference especially for Peru and Bolivia, I guess you could say we´re a big deal.  Then working.  Today I bought my Halloween costume (pics next week) and I found out that here in Peru it's very uncommon to celebrate Halloween and they always thought we were devil worshippers for celebrating it...awkward. 

  But those were some highlights of the week.  this wweek we have a baptism on Halloween  YESS!!!  

  Everyone have a great week!  Love you all!


My new hair


You know it´s been a rough day when you feel like this and it´s only 7 o´clock and you still have to work for 2 more hours :/


And gotta love grafitti

She said these murals were at a park near her area.   

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