Monday, September 28, 2015

Wake Me Up, When September Ends

I can´t believe how fast time flies.  September is already drawing to a close when it feels as though it just began.  
  This week was a good week.  We found several people that have attended church and will be able to progress and get baptized in October.  There aren´t really that many incredible stories.  But we did have an almost-miracle-dog experience. 
    So we are sitting down looking at the ward directory and a dog comes trotting up to us.  Usually they just want to be petted, so I let it sniff my hand, but instead of nudging, it grabs ahold of my whole arm like a stick and starts dragging me toward the playground.  Then goes back for my companion and grabs her by the hand and starts pulling her too.  So we obviously start thinking, "this dog is being guided by the spirit and is going to lead us to a family that is totally prepared to hear the gospel" so we get to the playground and we are looking around for a family or somebody, and the dog comes back up with a rock in her mouth and looks at us expectantly, it´s then we realize that she really just wants to play and we weren't going to be able to tell a cool miracle-dog story, it was a bummer. 
  But that´s about it, it was a good week.  Love you all!

"That´s what happens when your milk comes in bags and not cartons #thanksalotperu

Cool jersey we got from cleaning the beach, showing what good citizens we are, but more importantly-coca-cola.  The most important thing in Peru 

Those times when sheets of stickers are like 30 cents each and your inner child convinces you that you really need like ten of them for no apparent reason.  #jonasbrothers4life

In my personal note, she said she met Elder Bean (serving in Lima Central) that is from Burley ID.  "It was like coming home for a few minutes."  Funny that the church building they are each assigned to, is the same building, although they are serving in different missions.

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