Monday, September 14, 2015

Barrio Jumping

Saying goodbye to two families

Why am I the one, always packin up my stuff"

Barrio jumping, it´s like base jumping, but not at all.  So my transfers turns out was to a different ward/area in the same zone.  So I´m now in El Olivar, El Olivar with Hna. Imán from Peru.  Not much has happened this first week, just getting to know each other and the area, well for me.  She was already here.  But I was glad that I didn´t have to completely say goodbye to everyone.  And Sunday was stake conference, so I even got to see some of them already.  Not too much to tell.  Next week I´ll try and write a better email.  I know I´ve been slacking for a few weeks.  Well at least this week there are photos!  Have a great week! 

Leaving my worn out missionary bag behind. 

And our broken mirror that I fished out of the trash because we didn´t have one.

Cold spaghetti for breakfast in our cold apartment.  Still winter in peru. 
 A little from my personal email from Jenna: 
I was a little surprised in transfers because I just changed areas, but President said something in transfers about it.  And said that they are starting a new thing of working with Family History and temples so the converts and less actives will go to the temple a lot sooner and we will be working with that and will have many more opportunitiees to go to the temple, which was music to my ears because I miss the temple so so much.

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