Monday, July 27, 2015

I Stand All Amazed

 So two things, I got really trunky this week when we were in an investigators house and Back to the Future came on.... :´c That`s the power of love.  And I got a blister from sweeping while we were doing service.    

   So this week while visiting a less-active member, she expressed that she has been feeling a little shaken in her faith due to the death of a friend.  And she posed the age old question of "why does God let bad things happen to good people?" and "why is there so much bad in the world?"  Now the typical answer is found in 2 Nephi 2:11which talks about the need of oppositioin in all things to be able to progress and have righteousness and all feelings.  But really just thinking about the goodness of God and the plan that he has for each one of us, there isn`t room to doubt.  Because thinking about the complexity of how he made this universal plan compiled of every individual plan that crosses, connects, affects the other, and how every plan has parts where the plan of another person is necessary, yet is benefits both.  It`s so complex and so perfect that we can`t even begin to understand it.  And when people think that bad things are punishments and ask God why, they really need to do one of two things.  1) Ask themselves if they believe in a perfect God or an imperfect one, because a perfect God CANNOT punish the innocent, for he would be imperfect in doing so, so they can accept that bad things are trials or consequences of another`s actions or they can ask themselves 2) what did do to deserve a punishment.  And I bet a whole lot more people will accept the first one because they don`t want to think that they did something wrong, they immediately want to throw the blame on God.  God is perfect and he knows WAY better than us what people need and we have ZERO place to question his doings.

Love you all!  Have a great week!

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