Monday, August 3, 2015

I Want to Get Away, I Wanna Flyyy Awayyy

  No just kidding, I don`t want to get away, but I went to the airport this week for the first time in almost a year since I got here to Peru, it was crazy remembering how I saw it all when I first arrived, how new everything was, how different it all was, and how normal it is to me now.  It`s a happy-strange thing.    But being in the airport is obviously going to bring some emotions to travel, well at least if you`re me.  Not wanting to go home, just traveling in general....also, I`ve decided that the best place to find a husband is in the airport, just a tip for all you single ladies ;)  

   Other than that, transfers were this week, basically it worked out like this "I am here, you are here, you are me and we are all together"  If you know what I mean, if you don`t know what I mean.....educate yourself.  But I stayed here, my companion too, only our district leader got transferred from our district.   Our new district leader plays the have no idea how lovely it is to have someone musical, that can sing bass/tenor and can follow me on the piano.....  :`) so nice.  

   In other news......the hermanas in the zone all went shopping today at an outlet mall.  I`ve decided Outlet Mall is a synonym for "bargain shopping for millionaires"  It`s all expense and nobody bought anything.  

  Other than that,  I can`t think of much else that happened, just working, searching, growing and learning everyday!  Love you all!

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