Monday, December 7, 2015

It´s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  So this week started with my companion saying goodbye to all the people here, then we were off to transfers.  I got to see a few friends while there.  I became a grandma because my mission daughter is training.  And my new companion is Hermana Coca, from Bolivia.  SHe´s 22 and has been in the mission for 9 months.  And she´s super cute.  We get along really well so far.  She was actualy in this area before I got here, so it´s nice to not have to try and get her up to speed, we can just hit the ground running.

  Learned how to clean banana leaves for tamales and I´m also sick and can´t hardly speak without sounding like a rooster getting attacked, it´s a good time.

   And today we spent all our money on Christmas decorations, because it´s Hna. Coca´s first and last Christmas in the field and her family doesn´t do much for Christmas in her house so we decided to make it special.  So I may come home 10 pounds lighter from lack of food but at least we´ll have a nice Christmas ;)

  Well everyone have a splendid week  Love you all!

 It's the Hermana Reindeer!!

Hermana Ahern and Hermana Coca

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