Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Skype and all

So Hna Ahern didn't send a group email today.  She is getting close to the end of her mission, and says she is lazy about writing now.  She is still working hard, and said they had found a couple of new investigators this week.  And there are a few baptisms set - but not until after she leaves. 

Our Skype call on Christmas was a little crazy.  She called in right on time - from the church building in her area.  We managed to get all her siblings on the call, and that lasted about 5 minutes, and we lost her.  We waited, finally having everyone hang up, and "we'll call you back when she comes back."  We tried her a few times, but with no success.  Then about a half hour later, she comes in again.  We start to try and get everyone back on, and lose her again.  So we all get off and start to wait... and wait...and wait.  Finally a few of her siblings get on to Skype each other.  They finish and still no call from Jenna.  About 3 hours later, the computer dings and we jump on and there she is.  Long story, short.  They had not been able to get the computer at the church to work again, so they had gone to a couple of member's home to try.  No luck, at the first one, so they went to another one.  They finally deleted the Skype program, and re-installed and then were finally able to get through, but were afraid to try the big group thing again.  So we had a nice short visit for about 15 - 20 minutes and hung up.  It was fun to hear her and see her (sunburn and all) and know that we would get to really see her in a few more weeks. 

I expect to get 1 more email from her unless she emails as she leaves Peru.  Can't hardly believe it is that close. 

She has had a wonderful experience - hard, good, all over the board!! But it has definitely been worth it.  She's grown and become a better person and has a stronger testimony. 

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