Monday, November 30, 2015

It`s the Final Countdown

So I`m staying in my area to die, but my companion is getting transferred :(  We had a good last week together.  We taught lesson 1 with Star Wars playing in the background it was one of the greatest moments of my misison.  :´)   We have an investigator that is supposed to get baptized next week but is very stubborn and wants "something more concrete"   Had a fairly normal Thanksgiving.  I cut my companion`s hair, that was a good learning experience-even though I didn`t do anything, she was telling me what to do every step.  I learned how to salsa a little bit this week, that was a highlight. And made maple syrup from scratch...I`m pretty crafty.  And to top off the week, accepted a ride from strangers....who needs safety rules anyway?  So that`s a wrap of my week.  A lot of homemaking preps. XD  Well everyone have a great week!
 My favorite Colombian duo
And our thanksgiving usual, no one touches the green salad XD


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