Monday, November 16, 2015

Slow Ride

  So this week was a slow week.  On Tuesday we went to a baptism interview and sat and waited in the sun for two hours, I got a nice sunburn.  Then that afternoon, Hna. Iman got sick- we were in the street and she tells me she needs to throw up so I start panicking trying to think of the nearest place we could go- and so we go to the bishop´s house....good bonding experience.  My companion puking in the bathroom while the bishop´s wife is telling her son to go and get things XD good times.
  We also got to see a newborn that was 2 days old-dorbs-still never having children.
  And our recent convert asked us if there was a secret Mormon code to be able to identify one another....soon to come.
  Then several other funny things that happened that I don´t feel like writing.  Love you all!

Because when your comp is sick in bed you have nothing better to do than make a strawberry-kiwi salad :)  que rico!

Homemade patacones

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