Monday, August 17, 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man

  So highlights of the week.  I got my very first spider bite, that I remember.  I didn`t even know what it was, it looked kinda like zit, but it was on my leg and was really red and it hurt.  But a member told me that it was spider bite, so obviously I was super excited thinking that I was going to start seeing better and shooting webs from my wrists....but she healed it (it was infected) and so far I haven`t experienced any heightened senses :(

  Other than that, we had a Mult-Zone Conference, I got to see Elder Halverson and we actually got to talk for a bit for the first time in a year of being in the same mission, it was awesome.

   We are also teaching a guy from the US so he speaks English, so I have to try and speak English, and I say try, because it`s really hard, all though who are serving/have served in other countries are going to understand....I can`t speak English anymore.

   Lastly, we played Monopoly today as a district.....I lost :( like always, but it was a good time, we were laughing the whole time, a lot of jokes that white people aren`t going to understand, but one that you all can appreciate, one of the hermanas rolled the dice and knocked over a bunch of houses that were on a property, so we all laughed and one of the zone leaders said "Geez hermana, calm down, acting all like `I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL`"  It was a good moment.  But that`s about it for this week.  I actually have pictures to send this week, but unfortunately, this computer doesn`t have anywhere to put a USB......maybe next week.  Love you all!

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