Monday, April 20, 2015

Well Everyone Can Start Getting Pregnant Now

  So I hit my half-way mark this week, don`t really want to talk about.  But everyone can start getting pregnant now because I`ll be home in 9 months.....And I obviously am referring to those who are legally married.....unmarried people, please don`t get pregnant.  

  Other little thing, I`m learning french, I have the two most important things.  The Book of Mormon in French, and a French-English Dictionary.  I should be fluent in 3-4 months.

  Other than that, we are just living the missionary life.  Contacting, teaching, putting baptismal dates that inevitably fail, the usual.  Just kidding about that failing part, that`s just been the trend for these past few weeks, so we are gonig to be making some changes.

  Then today we have been running to the mission offices and back because my companion had to go to immigrations, not my favorite p-day, and tonight we have a work visit with the sister training leaders.....yay.  It`s going to be an interesting week.


Sorry couldn`t send pictures this week, not all computers are created equal.

Have a great week!   Love you all!

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