Monday, April 27, 2015

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Well this week has been a week for sure.  We had work visits with the Sister Training Leaders from Monday to Tuesday.  Just to remind you all, I really don´t like work visits at all.  And the only good thing that came from this was that we got to meet them and the City Hall, which was shweeet.  There were a ton of break dancers and people drumming and dancing.  It was the greatest place every, and not at all trunky lol. 

  Then the next day we had interviews with president, always a good time.  It´s a little rough, because I have a hard time speaking English now, so it´s kinda of a proccess trying to do the interview in English.  But as always, Presidente Archibald shed some of his infinite light and wisdom, and we are going to baptize everyone.  Period.  Then that afternoon, Hermana Archibald went out with us.....scary.  She doesn´t speak spanish, so that was a good time.  And she also found out that my feet have been hurting me for 2 months and now I have to go to the doctor :/  C´est la vie. (ehh. my french is coming along lol)

  But other than that, a fairly normal week.  I will tell everyone more about the work when it´s a bit more stable, I feel like right now, we are trying to find our grip, but we are getting there.  I think this week will be a lot better.  I´m grateful for all the prayers in my behalf and I want to let everyone know that I see those miracles everyday.  I love you all and have a great week!


My favorite sister´s late christmas gift that I´m going to wear all year

Me getting my packages

My 9 month mark

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