Monday, April 6, 2015

I Sustain Thomas S. Monson as a Prophet of God.

(Jenna's new companion, Hermana Luenga is from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

So this week has, without doubt, been the craziest week of my mission.  Monday, we get the notice that on Wednesday we were going to have the new missionary training, which we already had expected, so nothing new, but then that night, our district leader calls and says that on Thursday we also have a zone conference with President, so that´s 2 days without working until at least 6:30 or 7, not to mention the weekend we had general conference, so we were a little short on time.  But as I´ve mentioned earlier, we do our 10 maneras, so the whole week, we were running (for all those who know me well, I hate running) running from the church to our area, from here to there, trying to take care of our baptisimal dates, find new people, and do our 10 maneras.  I can´t explain the relief I felt to finish the week and know that we did our 10 maneras, and if we could do them in a week like this, we can do them any week.
  But Satan was definitely working against us so we wouldn´t complete them, one of them was to do Family History with a less-active and get referrals from family and friends and all, and just when we make her account in FamilySearch, she realizes she lost her cellphone, so she spends the rest of the time looking for it and making calls.  Then we change that manera to get three referrals from a family, but they forgot on Saturday, so Sunday they tell us that they can give them to us tomorrow and we are like,  uhhh no we need them today.  But we didn´t give up and we did them all.
  Then in conference in the sustainings, I was amazed when someone opposed.  So I kept thinking about that and how I couldn´t even believe it, and I got the strong feeling that I know, without doubt, that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and I sustain him wholeheartedly.  He is called of God to lead us in this life.  Just like God loved his children in the Bible times, He loves us now.  And just like He called prophets to guide his children then, He calls prophets to guide us now.  He will never stop giving us revelation.  He will never stop loving us, so he will never stop calling prophets.  We always need to know what God wants for us and just like it says in Amos, He will reveal his secrets to His prophets, if we want to know what to do, how to return to him, we have to follow the word of HIS servants.  I know this church is true because it is the only church that shows God´s love to ALL his children, and is built upon the same organization as the church in the time of Christ.  He leads this church, and it is not a church of man.  It is the church of Jesus Christ.

Everyone have a great week!

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