Monday, May 11, 2015

Why watching movies was a good choice

  So I got to talk with my family, but more importantly, I got to see my bestest friend in the whole world, Sister Norman!!!  Shout out to you- love you!   I´m kidding, I really love my family, but it´s such an incredible experience to be on a mission and meet people that become like a family to you, so I can´t be sad to see them, because I will be with them forever, but I only have a short time with my family here in Peru.
  Other than that, not much is happening, the weather is getting a little cooler so that makes me happy. 

 So it´s funny how much I can apply movies to life.  I mean I´m really good at relating anything and everything, but sometimes I don´t even have to try.  So I´m going to use the movie Labyrinth.  Now I realize that most of you probably haven´t seen the movie, with few exceptions which would be my best friends.  So if you haven´t watched it, you should 1. consider our friendship 2. repent 3. go and watch it 4. come back and finish reading this letter.  So at the end of the movie, the main character Sarah, has reaching the center of the Labyrinth and is facing the Goblin King, asking for her brother which he kidnapped.  And the words she says are really applicable in missionary work, "Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here... For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great, you have no power over me"  And I just think a bit about the times in the mission that we give Satan the power.  We get discouraged, we are disobedient.  But if we think about our sacred calling and authority, we can look him square in the mouth and say, "you have no power over me"  And we can win, we don´t have to give him the power, because our will is as strong and stronger than his.  We are talking about eternal life here.  

This is us and our adopted family, her two daughters who are actually her daughters and all her other adopted children.

 So this is our pensionista who is like a mother to us and many others.

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