Monday, May 4, 2015

I need a doctor, call me a doctor

So I went do the doctor, luckily, she thinks that they´ll be able to save my feet.  But I have to get new arch supports, because my feet are really weird, and apparently the inserts from the US suck.....take that Dr. Scholls.   But she gave me some gel for the pain and hopefully the insoles get here on Wednesday.
  Also, due to my trip to the doctor, I got to see Hna. Jimenez!  woooo, it was a joyous moment, I think for everyone, definitely not just for her and me.  
  Then.....well that´s about it, not much happened this week, but....I´m staying here for another transfer.  I´m really excited because I´ve never been in an area for more than two transfers, so this is a big moment for me.  And I get to spend my birthday here!  wooo!  Well that´s it.  Everyone have a great week!  

 Don´t ask me why I was so stoked to take this picture, but I apparently was.

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